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Seamoss Farming In East Africa! (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Stumbled Across Some Seamoss Farming In Paje, Zanzibar!

The Tide Was Real Low This Afternoon So We Were Able To Walk Out Far Enough Into The Indian Ocean To Stumble Upon This Wonderful Area Of Local Aquaculture!

"Commercially viable seaweed was first introduced to Zanzibar's main island, Unguja, in the late 1980s from the Philippines. It immediately took to the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean island. It transformed the lives of the women in Zanzibar. They were able to support their families. According to the government, the sector used to employ 23,000 people - 90% of whom were women. Zanzibar has historically been the third largest exporter of seaweed in the world, after the Philippines and Indonesia.

However, The water temperature around Zanzibar has increased of late and that climate change is the most likely reason for the seaweed mortality. According to researchers at the local Institute of Marine Sciences, some kind of bacteria is growing on the seaweed which is also limiting its growth. Seaweed from Zanzibar is exported to China, Korea, Vietnam, Denmark, Spain, France and the US.

It is said that Zanzibar seamoss offers all our body’s needs, such as increasing soothing immunity and digestion to tighten joints and improve our skin health. It is used as a base for cosmetics, lotions, toothpaste, medicines and food. Zanzibar Seamoss may be a mucilaginous crop very similar to chia seeds, aloe, and okra.

Though it’s a weird shape, its snotty nature makes it an ideal healing/soothing agent within the body for mucus membranes, including within the respiratory and digestive systems. Zanzibar Seamoss can exert a prebiotic effect during digestion, consistent with some animal studies. This suggests it’ll increase beneficial short-chain fatty acids within the colon, remove harmful bacteria within the stomach, and enhance health and immunity within the body.

It also includes high amounts of concentrated iodine. It’s employed by the thyroid to supply hormones that control metabolism, digestion, mood, and more. Many people use Zanzibar Seamoss masks to appease eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and burns due to its vitamins and minerals are packaged with qualities like gelatin. Research has shown that citrulline-arginine, compounds shown in Irish moss can increase cell growth and metabolism."

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