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Our Story

     Root Life LLC Is An Eco-Friendly Business, Based Out Of New Haven, CT, That Offers Organic Produce, Live Plants, Organic Seeds, Vegan Skin & Hair Care, & Quality Environmental Services For People In The Local, As Well As Global, Community Looking To Efficiently Enhance Their Interactions With Their Natural Environments.

Environmental Services Include:

1. Edible Landscaping (Food/Medicine Lawns)

2. Gardening Consultations (For Personal Yards, Community Gardens & Commercial Spaces)

3. Gardening/Farming Workshops For Interested Gardeners (In Person As Well As Online)

4. Specialized Environmental Projects For Youth Groups.

*These Services Vary Season By Season Due To Weather & Other Environmental Factors; Even So, Root Life Offers Its Services On A Year-Round Basis For Customers*

     We use organically aligned, sustainable & regenerative practices to grow food of the highest quality. We don’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and we grow our food using certified organic seeds and organic soil. We specialized in Afro-Indigenous culturally relevant crops including collards, callaloo, mustards, kale, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, hot peppers, squash, cucumbers and much more!

Our Founder

     Native Praxis was born & raised in New Haven, CT; an indigenous resident to the city, Praxis has always had a strong passion for uplifting & empowering the local community.
     Praxis has been urban farming in New Haven more than 13 years of experience growing food and educating community members on growing food for themselves. Praxis strongly believes that all people should have sovereignty over their food systems because that leads to greater sovereignty over their lives!

      In 2018 Praxis decided to start his own culturally relevant agriculture business that specifically targeted the Black & Brown communities in New Haven. He founded Root Life LLC which focuses on community upliftment & empowerment through urban farming, urban farm training, food justice education, agritourism, food aid efforts & community focused health events.

      Praxis currently serves on the Black Farmer Fund Investment Committee, National Young Farmers Coalition's 'Cultivemos' Mental Health Farmer Advisory Board & Liberated Land Cooperative’s Steering Committee.

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