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Our Story

Root Life LLC Is An Eco-Friendly Business, Based Out Of New Haven, CT, That Offers Organic Produce, Live Plants, Organic Seeds, Vegan Skin & Hair Care, & Quality Environmental Services For People In The Local, As Well As Global, Community Looking To Efficiently Enhance Their Interactions With Their Natural Environments.

Environmental Services Include:

1. Edible Landscaping (Food/Medicine Lawns),

2. Gardening Consultations (For Personal Yards, Community Gardens & Commercial Spaces),

3. Gardening/Farming Workshops For Interested Gardeners (In Person As Well As Online).

4. Specialized Environmental Projects For Youth Groups.

*These Services Vary Season By Season Due To Weather & Other Environmental Factors; Even So, Root Life Offers Its Services On A Year-Round Basis For Customers*

Our Founder

Native Praxis was born & raised in New Haven, CT; an indigenous resident to the city, Praxis has always had a strong passion for uplifting & empowering the local community.


Praxis has been urban farming in New Haven for 10 years; 4 Of those years were spent working as a fulltime Farmer & Environmental Educator For Common Ground High School while the rest of the time has been spent volunteering with local agricultural organizations such as New Haven Farms, The New Haven Land Trust, The Yale Sustainable Food Project, & The Yale Botanical Gardens.

In addition to working for and volunteering with key local agricultural organizations, Praxis has spent his time assisting local community gardens with start-up, maintenance & garden essentials as well as facilitating after school Garden Club programs.

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