Price: $250

 (Plus Travel/ Lodging/Materials)

(2 Hours)

Plant Life Cycles:



1. Talk About The General Stages Of Growth For Plants In Our Gardens & Why They Are Important

2. Discuss Ways To Utilize & Profit From Plants In Each Distinct Stage Of Growth

3. Learn About Compost & Other Forms Of Sustainable Recycling ‘Plant Waste’

Seeding/Seed Starting:



1. Learn About The Different Shapes & Sizes Of Seeds & How To Read A Seed Packet In General.

2. Learn About The Best Materials To Use When Seeding For Efficiency

3. Learn About The Best Places To Purchase Seeds (Organic, Non GMO, Local)

Soil Basics:



1. Talk About Soil Texture, Components, Moisture Retention

2. Talk About Soil Food Web.

3. Discuss General Practices For Testing Soil For Contaminants

Discuss General Practices For Organically Amending Soil

Season Extension:



1. Learn About Low Tunnels For Raised Beds & Garden Rows & Techniques For Implementation

2. Learn About Indoor Growing With Both Sun Light & Artificial Lighting

3. Learn About Greenhouse High Tunnels & Potential Resources For Securing & Installing Your Structures.

Indoor Gardening:



1. Learn & Discuss Ideas & Techniques On How To Set Up An Efficient Indoor Garden Space

2. Learn About The Best Crops To Grow Indoors

3. Learn About The Basics Of Sprouts/Microgreens/Salad Greens & Cooking Greens




1. Learn About The Wonderful Benefits Of Microgreens

2. Learn How To Set Up A Microgreen Operation

3. Learn How To Utilize/Incorporate Microgreens Into Daily Life

Spiritual Farming/Gardening/Cultivation:



1. Learn How Farming Connects With Our Spiritual Lives & How We Can Use Principles For Successful Farming To Successfully Build Up/Cultivate Our Own Spirits

2. Discuss The Many Plants/Herbs Mentioned In Religious Text & Make Connections On Their Relevancy In our Lives Today.

3. Learn & Discuss Ideas About Creating Garden Spaces Specifically Designed For A Faith Based Organization

Community Garden Start Up:



1. Learn & Discuss Ideas About Getting Community On Board For Cultivating & Maintaining A Community Garden

2. Learn & Discuss Ideas About Seeking Out City/Town Organizations They May Assist With Resources For Start-Up & Maintenance (Raised Beds, Tools, Space, Seeds, Ect)

3. Learn & Discuss Ways To Design & Prep A Community Garden For Efficiency Based On Available Space & Communal Needs/Desires.

4. Learn & Discuss Ideas Around Food Distribution For Participating Members/Targeted Recipients

Crop Plan:




1. Learn How To Properly Map Out Your Growing Season To Maximize Consistent Yield & Use Of Space.

2. Learn How To Select Crops For The Seasons & Your USDA Zone

3. Learn How To Record & Analyze Data From Annual Crop Plans To Overall Productivity

Moon/Astrological Planting:




1. Learn About The Effects Of The Moon Cycle On Planting & Cultivating Your Garden

2. Learn The Effects Of The Zodiac Constellations On Planting & Cultivating Your Garden

3. Learn & Map Out Best Times To Plant & Do Other Garden Work In Your Specific Garden Based Off Both Lunar & Astrological Principles

Farming For Health:




1. Learn About The Most Common Ailments/Diseases Faced In Our Communities Discuss Insights Into Why

2. Learn About Some Of The Best Foods/Crops Researched To Address These Health Issues

3. Develop a Plan To Grow A Personal Garden, Based Off Growing Environment & Available Resources, With Crops Targeted To Address Specific Health Issues.

Foraging/Weed ID:



1. Learn How To Identify, & The Best Resources To Help With Identifying, Common “Weeds” In Your Area.

2. Learn About Edible/Medicinal “ Weeds” In Your Garden & How To Incorporate Them In Your Every Day Life

3. Learn How To Identify Key Edible/Medicinal Weeds In The Forest

Companion Planting:



1. Learn About The Concept Of Plants Sharing Space in The Garden To Assist, In Many Different Ways, With Each Other’s Growth.

2. Learn About Specific Combinations Of Plants That Fit Well Together In The Garden

3. Learn About How We Can Apply Principles Of Companion Planting Towards Our Everyday Lives

Vegan Cooking:



1. Learn How To Cook Vegan Meals

2. Learn How To Flavor Medicinal Seasonings

3. Learn About A Nutritionally Balanced Vegan Diet

Shopping For Health:



1. Learn About The Best Places To Find The Most Pesticide Free & Nutritionally Dense Foods

2. Learn How To Read Labels To Avoid Unwanted Chemicals & Preservatives When Shopping

3. Learn How To Shop Optimally While On A Budget

Worm Composting/Composting:



1. Learn About The Basics Of Composting; What It Is, Why Its Important, & Basic Principles For Success

2. Learn How To Start Your Own Compost Piles Outside In Your Garden

3. Learn How To Start Worm Compost Set- Ups, Both Indoors & Out

Youth & Farming:



1. Learn How To Connect Today’s Youth, & Their Unique Interests, To Gardening/Farming In A Meaningful Way.

2. Learn & Discuss Different Activities That Help Facilitate Youth Learning & Participation

3. Learn Basic Ideas & Principles That Give Way For Youth Entrepreneurship Opportunities That Focus On Farming, Nature & Sustainability.

Discuss Ideas & Techniques Around Starting School Gardens

School Gardens:

  1. Learn About & Discuss Opportunities To Incorporate STEM Learning Opportunities With Daily/Weekly/Seasonal Garden Activities

  2. Learn About & Discuss Techniques For Managing The Flow Of Garden Maintenance For Success

  3.  Learn About & Discuss Techniques For Growing Food For Student CSA’s & School Cafeteria

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