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Africa Healing Retreat (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

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Join Us In Africa For A Diasporic Healing Experience!

We Will Be Hosting A 14 Day Healing Retreat On 9/7/21 (New Moon Through 9/20/21 (Full Moon) At The Practical Permaculture Institute In Zanzibar, Tanzania!

Together We Will Embrace/Undergo A Holistic Healing Experience That Seeks To Reconnect Us To Our Indigenous Roots & Give Us The Tools Needed To Facilitate Collective Healing In Our Own Communities Where We Reside!

Skilled Facilitators Will Be There To Introduce & Guide Participants Through Many Forms Of Holistic Healing Practices; Healing Practices That Include, But Are Not limited to:

-Culturally Relevant Permaculture Design & Implementation

-Herbal Medicine

-Sound Therapy

-Healthy Plant Based Diets & Cooking Skills

-Guided Meditation

-Yoga, Thai Massage, Qi Gong & Reiki Body Work

-Nature Therapy

-Affirmation/Manifestation Work

-Trauma Release Journaling

-Reconnection To Ancestry & Indigenous Culture

-Off Grid Living

-Sustainable Lifestyle Practices

-Doula Work

-Crystal Therapy

-Much More!

Participant Slots Are Limited To 10 People.

Price: $1000 (Does Not Include Travel Fees)

Price Includes Food, Lodging & Access To All Workshops During The 14 Day Retreat!

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