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Documentaries Are A Great Way To Promote In Depth A Business, A Project & Or An Adventure. We Live In A Day & Age Of Information; People Like To Be Informed, In An Entertaining & Engaging Way On The Details To Gain Context, Insight & Deepen Connection.

Root Life Organic Media Captures Organic Moments & Interviews To Tell A Story Without Any Extra Effects Needed!


We Focus On Organizations, Projects, Programs, People &/Or Adventures That Focus On BIPOC Centered Sustainable Change In Underserved, & Misrepresented, Communities All Over The Globe!


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Documentary Creation

-Pre Consultation for brainstorming story to be told, targeted audience & timeline goals!

-Storyboard creations! (3)

-4K HD video production! (different length options available)

-Post consultation for marketing tips and highlight picks!

-Optional press package!


Length Options:


-10 Min = $5000

-15 Min = $7500

-30 Min = $15,000

-45 Min= $17,500

-60 Min= $30,000

-90 Min= $45,000


Optional Press Package:

Bring your documentary to the forefront with extra content for many digital platforms!

-High definition photos!

-High definition photo & video graphics for social media!

-Digital brochure promoting documentary!

-Extra, unused, footage taken!

-Digital photo book!

-1 min social media videos highlighting different aspects of documentary! (5)

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