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Energy Sessions!

When it comes to alternative forms of feeling, the list goes on & on! Our retreats offer Yoga, Breathe-work Meditaition, Sound Healing, Sacred Journaling & much more!


Nature Immersion!

Nature is our greatest Nurture! Embracing the warmth of the sun, the whispers of the breeze, the fluidity of a natural body of water and the soft, grounding embrace of standing on fertile soilare unmatched forms of therapy!


Plant-Based Cuisine!

Our food is our medicine! All retreats include plant based meals along with educational workshops centered around plant based nutrition, plant based diets & culturally relevant cooking demonstrations!

Root Life Nature Retreats

Afro-centric in Nature Uhuru Ziara is a unique Travel and Adventure education experience. I strongly believe these forms of education can be transformational and serve as a sort of Rites of Passage to youth and even families that attend.

Tour Destination: Tanzania, East Africa. Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Moshi, Tanga, and Dar es Salaam will be few of the stops on our Ziara.

Tour Includes:

Lodging and Transportation

Plant Based Meals provided

Camping gear provided

Cultural immersion and appreciation

Nature immersion and camping experience

Sovereignty and sustainability lifestyle skills

Gardening and Permaculture Workshops

Diaspora and indigenous cultural connection

Meeting Leaders of Black liberation movements

Making indigenous medicines and Batick cloth

Healing Ceremonies (collective and offered to chaperones)


Energetic body work

Massage Therapy

Sound Healing

Womb Healing

Community building and repatriate/expatriate connection building

Wellness planning and assessment for each family

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