Root Life Healing Retreats

Together We Will Embrace/Undergo A Holistic Healing Experience That Seeks To Reconnect Us To Our Indigineous Roots & Give Us The Tools Needed To Facilitate Collective Healing In Our Own Communities Where We Reside!


Skilled Facilitators Will Be There To Introduce & Guide Participants Through Many Forms Of Holistic Healing Practices; Healing Practices That Include, But Are Not limited to:


-Culturally Relevant Permaculture Design & Implementation


-Herbal Medicine


-Sound Therapy


-Healthy Plant Based Diets & Cooking Skills


-Guided Meditation 


-Yoga, Thai Massage, Qi Gong & Reiki Body Work


-Nature Therapy


-Affirmation/Manifestation Work


-Trauma Release Journaling


-Reconnection To Ancestry & Indigenous Culture


-Off Grid Living


-Sustainable Lifestyle Practices


-Doula Work


-Crystal Therapy


Healing Services!

When it comes to alternative forms of feeling, the list goes on & on! Our retreats offer Yoga, Breathe-work Meditaition, Sound Healing, Sacred Journaling & much more!


Nature Immersion!

Nature is our greatest Nurture! Embracing the warmth of the sun, the whispers of the breeze, the fluidity of a natural body of water and the soft, grounding embrace of standing on fertile soilare unmatched forms of therapy!


Plant-Based Cuisine!

Our food is our medicine! All retreats include plant based meals along with educational workshops centered around plant based nutrition, plant based diets & culturally relevant cooking demonstrations!