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Why I Became An Urban Farmer

Updated: May 23, 2019

"As Humans, We All Are Entitled To The Fruits Of The Earth. However, Reciprocity Is Key; Indeed, Learning How To Tend To The Earth, & Give Back The Energy We Take, Is True Sustainable Living."

I've Always Had A Passionate Desire To Uplift My Community. I Graduated From North Carolina A&T, The Greatest HBCU On Earth, With A B.A. In Political Science. During My Time At NCAT, I Was Able To Educate Myself In Political Science With A Lense Focused On The Rich Political & Social History Of Our People In America As Well As Abroad; I Was Taught By Wonderful Humans Who Were On The Front Lines Of The Civil Rights Movement.

Upon Returning To New Haven, After Graduating, I Engaged In Local Politics By Interning For My Local Congresswoman; While I Was Able To See All The Wonderful Work That Was Being Done, I Soon Came To Realize That Our Political System Did Not Have The Capacity To Serve Everyone. Even More Insightful, I Realized That The People Of Black & Brown Concentrated Communities Were The Ones Who Were Underserved The Most. 

Around That Time, I Was Also Able To Help Collect Data, For Yale University, On The Eating Habits & Health Conditions Of The Residents In Every Neighborhood Throughout New Haven. The Quantitative Data Was Insightful, But The Real Insight Came From The Unsolicited Qualitative Data I Recieved From Residents Just Wanting To Vent Their Problems, Frustrations, & Goals For Their Health & The Overall Health Of Their Communities. This Included Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health.

Around The Same Time, I Started Taking Interest In My Family History. I Learned That My Maternal Grandmother Grew Up On A Farm, As One Of 14 Siblings; Her Parents Grew All The Food, Built All The Structures, Made All The Medicine, & Sewed All The Clothes Needed For Them To Live Comfortably On A Daily Basis. I Resonate With That On Such A High Level; That Type Of Self Sustainability Is In My Blood!

Utilizing My Degree In Political Science, Pursuing My Passion To Uplift My Community & Recognizing My Rich Family History In Self Sustainable Living, I Decided That Farming/Farm Education Was The Best Course Of Action To Take. Teaching People How To Be Self-Reliant, & Community-Reliant, Is "Grass Roots Politics" In Every Since Of The Term.

Even With A Degree, & Steady Work, I Decided To Humble Myself & Become & Volunteer/Apprentice To 4 Different Local Urban Agriculture Organizations Throughout The City; After About 4 Years Of Training, I Decided I Was Ready To Start My Own Agriculture Endeavors & Became An Entreprenuer Of My Own Agriculture Organizations. Root Life LLC (Founder) & Love Fed New Haven (Co-Founder) Are Thriving; Both Effectively Doing Food Justice & Urban Farming Work Throughout New Haven As Well As The World Abroad!

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