Educational Services

(Prices Vary By Project)

$50/Hr Standard Teaching Rate

Root Life Has A Strong Sense Of Duty To Educating The Community, Youth & Adults, About The Many Wonders Of Our Environment & Growing Our Own Food & Medicine Both Indoors & Outside!
Root Life Currently Facilitates Classes & Courses For School Gardens, After School Programs, Summer Camps, Community Garden Groups, Non-Profit & For Profit Businesses Interested In Learning About Farming/Gardening!
Oftentimes, These Classes Directly Coincide With The Creation Of a Garden Space; A Lovely Bonus To Quality Lessons!
Year Round, Seasonal, & Session By Session Options Are Available In Person & Online! Fill Out The Form For Initial Inquiries/Requests; We Will Work Out A Plan That Fits For You!
These Classes Are For:
Time Frame For Classes:
Educational Setting:
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